“Love the cable.” Marcus Wolf


Marcus Wolf is a recording artist, singer/guitarist, composer and producer who lives in New York City. He has produced four solo CD’s with the latest entitled “Tell Me” being released in April 2012. Details are available at MarcusWolf.com. Marcus’ October 2010 CD release entitled “Mirror” features the Jimi Hendrix classic “Little Wing” with David Garrett. Marcus has been working with violinist David Garrett since 2009. Other talents Marcus has worked with include singing for legendary songsmith/producer Desmond Child and singing/playing for Mexican pop diva Thalia. In 2007 Marcus was commissioned by the Piedmont Symphony Orchestra to compose and perform “Extensions”, a concerto for classical guitar and chamber orchestra. In 2008 Marcus wrote and produced the underscore and theme songs for his first feature film entitled H20 Extreme. In December 1999, Marcus founded Occupancy 1 (www.occupancy1.com), a private label, recording studio and production company where he continues to compose and produce his music.