“Analysis Plus cables allow the full response of tonal and dynamic range (say it loud — the MUSIC!) of all my basses to come through more clearly than I’ve ever experienced. And, truly… an unhindered tone can help lead to greater depths of musical inspiration! I look at it this way: music flows from your heart, through your hands and into your instrument… with the advantage of Analysis Plus, the link from bass to amplifier, recording desk, and the ears of music lovers is stronger than ever. They are quite simply the best I’ve heard!” – Byron House

What do Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton, Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas and Jorma Kaukonen all have in common? For one thing, they are among the most respected musicians and artists in American popular music over the last four decades. For another, they have all at one time or another sought out the services of Byron House, currently one of Nashville’s—and the country’s—hardest working bass players, both in the studio and on the road.

Versatile, tasteful, unique, spontaneous and, most of all, musical—these are the words most commonly used to describe Byron’s bass playing.