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Dominique Di Piazza was born in Lyon, France, with Sicilian ancestry and a gypsy stepfather. He started playing electric bass in 1979. After some time, he freed himself from the pervasive influence of Jaco Pastorius by creating his own style. Self-taught, he added an extra high string to his 4-string bass and created a technique of using the right-hand thumb, index and middle fingers. This unique approach enabled a virtuosity and style quite unusual in the bass world. The track “Marie” from the John McLaughlin album Qué Alegría, is a great example. This right hand style gave birth to the “four-finger picking” technique later popularized in Europe and the US by new-generation bassists including Matthew Garrison, Adam Nitti and Hadrien Feraud. Dominique’s great knowledge of bebop, his gypsy and neo-classical influences, his lyrical style and his advanced harmonic concept have combined to make him one of the most innovative bassists in the world today.