“When it comes to connect my Bass, Amp, Speakers & Power Source,I allow just one brand to link it all together……”

Master and Pioneer of the Extended Range Basses, considered to be one of the most virtuoso, innovative and respected bassists in the world. Featured on CNN, until 2013 has appeared and being interviewed in almost 100 international bass magazines including many cover features. Creator of the Mic Ramp and the Vectorial Synthesis Technique (VST) his signature and impressive right hand technique. Has performed with David Garfield, Danny Gottlieb, Damien Schmitt, Bob Sheppard, Fareed Haque, Walfredo Reyes Jr., Alain Caron, James Gadson, John Ferraro, Miucha Buarque, Gary Grainger and many more…., now fully dedicated to the performing of Bass Solo Concerts and Bass Master Classes all around the world.

“Virtuoso and Pioneer of the 8 string Bass” – Jon Liebman. September 2012 FBPO Edition. (USA)
“Erudite Bassist, Virtuoso and Vertiginous Execution” – Bajista Magazine. August 2006 Edition. (Spain)
“Fascinating Solo Seminar by South American 8 string bassist” – Bass Player Magazine. January 2012 Edition (USA)
“Fascinating Solo Playing Style.., outstanding Sweep Picking Technique” – Bass Guitar Magazine. April 2013 Edition (England)