“well I never believed any of that mumbo jumbo about cables making that big of a difference, expecially short ones in the pedal board – boy was I wrong, these analysis plus cables have removed all the noise from my rig, and I now can adjust the pedals for maximum tone-not minimum noise. These cables in conjunction with my Category 5 amps are dramatically changing the way I play and what I can do with the guitar-watch out!” – Jimmy Thackery

It was Thackerys time on stage with Muddy Waters that branded deep within his musical soul. He’s one of the few blues guitarists who learned first hand from the masters of the blues. Jimmy was cofounder of the Nighthawks and then went on to the Assassins and Drivers before going on the road as a solo musician doing nearly 300 shows a year proving each night that he is still the guitar powerhouse in the blues.