John is the bass player for The Younger Brothers, based out of Austin, Texas and Studio work both in the USA and abroad.
“There are four basic things you must count on to produce a Bass guitar live (or in the studio) to get the best possible sound; classically controlled conduction angle amplifiers (class A/B/AB/C), AlNiCo/Ceramic drivers, Solid cabinetry (typically premium birch 13-ply) and high-quality interconnects (instrument, speaker and power).”
“I have been playing, buying and auditioning the last group (interconnects) for over 40 years (through live playing, studio work and retail sales), and the ‘standard-bearer’ for this group is Analysis Plus. For live work I use the Genesis Pure Instrument Cable, Clear Oval Speaker Cables and the Pro Poewr Oval cables. My requirements for studio are a bit more stringent with the Pro Oval Studio cables for instruments, Silver Oval Speaker cables and the Pro Power Oval power cables.”
“The cable design, quality of components and price points make Analysis Plus interconnects the best possible choice. When you look at the investment of equipment (basses, amps, cabinets) using a standard cable makes as much sense as putting ‘re-tread’ tires on your Maserati!”