“Don, from Category 5, turned me on to Analysis Plus. The day a set of cables arrived at the house I was headed to the studio to record some overdubs. I decided to take the cables along and during a break we plugged one of the studio keyboards through an API direct to ProTools and did a little A-B experiment as such; I played one thing using the AP cables, and repeated it using the studio’s cables. We repeated this process several times with different styles of playing and listened back. In every instance, the there is a difference that even the average ear can hear. At first listen you discern better high end, but when you listen more closely, they really deliver a much fuller spectrum across the board…more of what you and the instrument really sound like. Beginning and end: I am a skeptic, and really just a piano player, which means my tech knowledge is much to be desired. These guys have made something that lets me hear more of what I am truly playing, and that is all that really matters.” – Jon