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Kevin has worked with many icons in various genres, including Bernard Purdie., Col. Bruce Hampton, and Russell Gunn, with a wheelhouse encompassing everything from Metal, Funk, Soul, R&B, Jazz, Pop, and World music. As a recording artist, he’s had the honor of recording with such talent as Gregg Allman, Fred Wesley, Robert Glasper, Andre Hayward, Coy Bowles, Clay Cook, Dick Wooley, Emil Werstler, Sean Reinert, Kebbi Williams, and rapper Wale. (to name a few)

What better compliment and validation could a bass player receive than a nod from one of the greatest living drummers? In 2012, when his band opened up for Bernard Purdie in Athens, Georgia, Mr. Purdie became so inspired by Kevin’s playing that he jumped out of his seat and began dancing. (In fact, he later hopped on stage and asked the drummer if he could borrow his sticks, right in the middle of the tune.) Immediately following this event was an invitation by Mr. Purdie for Kevin to play alongside him at the Detroit Jazz Festival. Mr. Purdie said to Kevin, “You’ve got that sound;” an extremely high praise bestowed upon a young musician still in his 20s by a legendary Soul/Funk idol.