<strong“Analysis Plus’s signal is so clear and transparent I can hear my bass breath. I can hear, see and feel more colors then ever before. … It makes my bass sound bigger and more wide open. I can finally hear a 20h – 20k frequency response! It makes my bass sound better then yours.”

“I was just in the studio recording for an album which the artist hired 2 bassists, me and another A-list bassist.. I recorded 4 tunes the first day and he recorded 3 the other day. We both plugged into the same preamp and settings. After listening to all recorded tracks, the songs I played on had a tone that was far larger and way more colorful than the others. Hands down, there was no comparison at all. The producer called me up and asked what I used different than other bassist because he had to know.. I said the cable!”

“I have guitarists always bug me in the studio about borrowing my cables for their guitar tracks after recording my bass because they want that wide signal, clarity and crisp tone.”

“Using Analysis-Plus cables, I spend less time EQ’ing my bass.”