Mr. Tetsuo Sakurai uses Pro Oval Studio, Yellow Oval and Bass Oval.

One of the top bas players in Japan and the world.

Tetsuo Sakurai, born in 1957, began his bass playing at age 13 (1970). At age 19, along with guitarist Issei Noro, founded the jazz/pop fusion band Casiopea. The band released 19 albums, while Sakurai remained with the band until 1989. In 1989, both Sakurai and drummer Akira Jimbo went on to form their own jazz fusion group “Jimsaku”. This band lasted until 1989, when both Sakurai and Jimbo went to develop their solo careers.

Sakurai’s third solo album TLM20, released in 2000, was recorded live in a concert with Casiopea members Issei Noro and Minoru Mukaiya, Akira Jimbo, and Kazuki Katsuta of Dimension. The fourth solo album Gentle Hearts, released in 2001, was recorded with Greg Howe & Dennis Chambers. The fifth solo album Cartas do Brasil was released in 2003 and was a vocal ballad cover album recorded in Rio de Janeiro with Djavan, Ivan Lins, Rosa Passos and other artists.[who?] In 2004, Tetsuo toured with Greg & Dennis. The following year, the tour live performances was released on DVD titled Gentle Hearts Tour 2004.

Sakurai is currently composing and playing his own music as a solo artist with domestic and foreign musicians.