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09-08-2018 | By John Hoffman | Issue 99

Analysis Plus is essentially an engineering firm that has chosen audio manufacturing as one of the areas to focus their resources. What I find interesting is that the fundamental concepts and design geometry that Mark Markel had identified years ago has remained essentially unchanged within their product line. In today’s popular culture, a large cross-section of people are drawn to new, improved, enhanced, or next generation, all of which basically boils down to the concept of different. Now, Analysis Plus has developed refinements to their products over the years, with advancements in conductor materials, terminations, and minor tweaks of the design implementation. However, the basic architecture of the design has remained unchanged, as the foundational engineering principals that AP cables are based on are as technically sound and relevant to audio reproduction today as it was 5,10, or 20 years ago. Yet, Mark Markel is a determined fellow, and one smart cookie to boot, and he has finally developed a revision to his cable design that results in measurable advancements in signal transfer over his original stacked oval recipe. The Silver Apex represents proven engineering solutions that Mark has developed over the years, and combines it with an innovative manufacturing process to create a statement product. So perhaps, in this case, we can say the Analysis cables are new and improved, well, because they really are.

The Silver Apex geometry is essentially a hollow oval cable inside another hollow oval cable, contained in a third hollow oval cable. At first glance this looks like a double shielded design, and it certainly is that. However, there is a bit more going on than what you would first assume. The inner hollow oval is the positive leg and wired to the center pin on the RCA connector. The second layer of wire is the neutral leg and is attached to the outer connector. The final layer of wire is the shield, which is tied to the outer connector also. In the Analysis Plus cables the shield wire is not floated, instead it is soldered to the RCA jacks at both ends. This arrangement is based on the research of Henry Ott, who worked at Bell Labs; and writes that superior shielding in the audio bandwidth occurs with this arrangement. In an XLR cable, the inner leg goes to Pin 1, while the neutral leg attaches to Pin 2, and the shield is terminated on Pin 3. In Mark’s design, the signal travels in the innermost run of wire, while the second leg stabilizes and contains the magnetic field created by the signal traveling through the energized strands. A layer of mylar tape is used to define the chamber between the two conductors and ensure an even spacing. The goal here is to create a uniform and stable magnetic field, which is determined by the interaction between these two runs of wire. Between the neutral conductor and the shield, a layer of Teflon dielectric is used to fine tune the impedance of the cable. In this design impedance is a function of both wire geometry and the interaction of the dielectric. PVC is used for the outer layer of the cable, as it is both flexible and durable, and does not influence signal transfer properties of the cable. As previously mentioned, the Silver Apex is a double shielded design, as this is a function of the second and third layer of wire. With the two sections working in conjunction noise rejection is not an additive process, but rather compounding in function and lowers the noise levels past the 50% threshold.

New from THE  TONE KING with link to full article below

Analysis Plus is no newcomer to the Tone Lounge. You’ve seen us feature them in our extensive Summer and Winter NAMM coverage and put their quality products like the innovative QiJack through the paces. The guru at Analysis Plus, Mark Markel, has a lot of great stories about interactions he’s had with some of the top artists on the scene, and we thought it would be cool to get some insight on how they’re used Analysis Plus products to hear music as it was intended.

We have so many artists that have supported us, it’s hard to know where to begin. To name a few: Marty Friedman, Johnny Hiland, Russ Hewitt, Buddy Strong (with Usher), Chris Rodriguez, Igor Saavedra (Chile), Juan Pablo Daza (Juanes/Colombia), Adam Miller (Australia), Dominique Di Piazza (France) and Tyler Chiarelli (Florida Georgia Line),” Markel said.

In case you’ve forgotten, Analysis Plus is, at it’s heart, an engineering company that specializes in computer modeling to solve problems.

Some years ago, we were hired by the largest cable manufacturer to analyze their cables,” Markel said. “While utilizing our modeling technology to see how current flows through cables at different frequencies, we soon discovered that the accepted academic answers to current distribution in a wire are wrong. Our use of computer simulation showed us how current is truly distributed and thus allowed us to enhance the sound quality. Moreover, it showed how our resulting Hollow Oval cable design provides superior performance.”

If you go to the Analysis Plus website, you can see the original computer models of this discovery.

Audiophiles put it this way: ‘Using round cable is like pouring fine wine through a lead pipe. What comes out is not what went in,” Markel said. “Since we all love music at our company, we applied for and received a patent that allowed us to start building our Hollow Oval cables, and today we are proudly supplying cables to many of the industry’s greatest musicians and music aficionados.”


Silver Sky-slinger John Mayer 

John Mayer, who was a great host, invited us to one of his recording sessions at Capitol Records. He was using one of the largest recording rooms at Capitol. This is the same room Frank Sinatra used to record with a big band – so you get an idea of how big it is,” Markel said.

Shane Juhl – Analysis Plus Production Manager, making cables for John Mayer at Capital Records.

John Mayer plugged directly into his amp at one end of the room but played and listened through the studio monitors on the other side of the glass”.  This is a crazy-long run of 20 meters! “John Mayer said the Yellow Oval instrument cable is the only cable he can use at this length and feel like he is hearing everything as it should sound. Shane Juhl (Analysis Plus production manager) and I spent a full day at Capitol Records with John Mayer, Chris Gott (production manager) and Chad Franscoviak (engineer), going over his special cabling needs. John has an incredible ear and really understands the importance of using the right cables“.

While John played, the engineer switched many cables in and out of the signal path. It was amazing to witness John describe the differences in detail and response that he heard with each cable.

Markel reports that John Mayer now uses the Silver Oval 2 speaker cable between his amp heads and cabinets. On stage, he typically uses the Genesis Pure instrument cable.

Mark Markel – CEO & Founder of Analysis-Plus Cables with John Mayer at Capital Records

What A Coincidence!

One of my favorite stories is about a top Manhattan fashion photographer, Michael Pollizzi,” Markel said. “He was doing a shoot of Richard Bona, one of the world’s best bass players and a long-time Analysis Plus user. Richard was apparently more interested in the outstanding sound coming from Michael Pollizzi’s stereo than in posing for a picture —Pollizzi’s audiophile system was completely wired with Analysis Plus home audio cables. Richard Bona was already using our Yellow Oval instrument cables, but wasn’t aware of how our technology can similarly improve high-end home audio systems.”

He took the time to write me a detailed letter (read here) on the improvement Analysis Plus cables brought to his highly refined home audio system—it was awesome to hear, ” Markel said. Dr. Fineberg described Analysis Plus cables as providing “...a level of sonic reproduction I never thought I could achieve.”



Trust Him..He’s a Doctor

Joshua Fineberg is a professor of music, composition, and music theory at Boston University. His curriculum vitae includes…well, just go here or visit and take a look.

He took the time to write me a detailed letter (read here) on the improvement Analysis Plus cables brought to his highly refined home audio system—it was awesome to hear, ” Markel said. Dr. Fineberg described Analysis Plus cables as providing “...a level of sonic reproduction I never thought I could achieve.”


No Bass Player Jokes Here…World-Class Bassists Agree on Analysis Plus

Another artist [in the Analysis Plus family], who is a great talent from Chile, is Igor Saavedra,” Markel said.

Igor was asked by Steve Bailey to give a Master’s Bass class at Berklee College of Music. Igor insisted that they use what he considers the best bass cables for the class—Analysis Plus. And bass player Joseph Patrick Moore sent me a video where he compared instrument cables in Pro Tools and found clear proof of why Analysis Plus cables are better.”

Moore’s video is available for viewing on the Analysis Plus website.


Where to Start With Analysis Plus Products

The Black Ovalis our entry-level cable but still has a great sound. Marty Friedman uses this cable on tour,” Markel said.

The Yellow Oval is a cable that can handle long runs with ease and as Peter Stroud (co-founder of 65amps) said, ‘…so quiet that you can hear your amp breathe.’ It’s physically larger than the other cables, and not quite as flexible, but gives you a massive sound that makes it more than worth the small handling compromise,” Markel said.

A cable that many people forget about is the power cable. Our power cords have a very low noise floor and great shielding to reduce Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). Although many players have experienced great results from replacing their stock amp and rack power cables with Analysis Plus offerings. Prince was certainly the most notable user [of this product],” Markel said.

Coming Attractions

We are constantly innovating for both Pro and Home audio applications. Specifically, we are very excited about a new connector solution and finding new ways to improve our musical experience through this amazing Hollow Oval cable geometry,” Markel said. “What’s fun about pro audio gear is that you are dealing with trained ears and artists who appreciate the difference they hear with our cable. The better the player, the more excited they are about what they are now hearing and what they were missing.”


Special thanks to Greg DiBenedetto for contributing to this article.

John Mayer’s guitar techs before a concert at DTE in Detroit with Phil Pemberton and Mark Markel. They are holding the new QiJacks!



“Great News! The grand opening of the Tennessee Songwriters Record Shop is Friday June 10th, 6:00-8:30 PM in “Art Is In Market Nashville” at the Cool Springs Galleria Mall, 800 Galleria Blvd Franklin, TN. The Record Shop offers a unique opportunity for singer/songwriters, to have a permanent home to sell their music.

We are proud to have our TSAI members CD’s and books in our new store and look forward to seeing you that night. VIP “meet the artists” starts at 6:00 PM and doors open to the public at 6:30 PM.

To help celebrate, a few of the songwriting community’s best singer/songwriters have accepted our invitation to perform at 7:00 PM for the first time on the new “Artisan Stage”. We’d like to thank Byron Hill, Mason Douglas, Alyssa Jacey, Jerry Foster, Alayna Carroll and Mark Narmore in

advance for help making this an extra special night. Great talent, great songs and your support, will help turn this store into a “destination” for Tennesseans and a real payoff for Songwriters and Artisans!” – Mark E Barnowski

“We are proud to be part of the store.  Please check out the Analysis Plus cables while you are there.” – Mark Markel

Posi+ive Feedback

Analysis Plus Silver Oval 2 Speaker Cable

Analysis Plus was established in 1993 with a unique perspective in the cable market. Proprietary computer modeling had shown that hollow oval shaped conductors performed better than any other form or geometry. Think of the shape of a new pair of socks in their flat packaging and you’ll understand hollow ovals. Currently, Analysis Plus makes a comprehensive line of award winning products for the high tech, pro audio, and high-end home audio sectors.

Analysis Plus Oval Nine speaker cables have been the most consistent item in my system for well over a decade. The Oval Nines are thick and heavy copper cables designed for the most efficient transfer of energy from high power amps. As time went on, my system has evolved and scaled down from the 125 watt Magnum Dynalab MD208 and 308 discrete receivers with Magnepan 1.6 or Marten Miles 2 floor stand speakers to the 75 watt Bel Canto C7R receiver and KEF LS50 stand mount speakers. Recently, I contacted Analysis Plus to hear their offerings of equal or better performance in a leaner package. Soon afterward, a roll of Silver Oval 2 appeared at my door.

Silver Oval 2 cables are constructed of hollow oval woven silver tined copper conductors encased in a shield and clear sheath. My 8 ft. pair came terminated with bananas. The cables are directional and labeled on each end for amp or speaker.
I usually set up an item for review to break in with several days worth of FM hip hop and pop music before commencing with note taking of familiar material. However, because I felt reasonably comfortable with the Analysis Plus sound, I decided to listen to some old nuggets to get a quick first impression. I anticipated the transparency, timing, and tonal accuracy of the Oval Nine but with the next level of refinement and cohesion. I seriously underestimated the abilities of the Silver Oval 2 and was riveted to my seat for the rest of the afternoon and late into the evening. After a month with the Silver Oval Twos, the sensation has not subsided.

First of all, the subtle lingering awareness that one is listening to a recording rather than an actual musical performance simply vanished. Veteran Latin Jazz conguero and bandleader Poncho Sanchez recorded Conga Blue in 1996 with his idol Mongo Santamaria. From the first track of the CD to the last, music burst forth from the speakers with unbridled speed and transparency. Musical images were clearly outlined across a sound space that seemingly spread out way beyond the physical dimensions of my living/listening room. Individual instruments sounded alive and present. The more I listened the more aware I became of the art of arrangement. If you love how sax, trombone, and trumpet each play different notes of the same chord in harmony, you will appreciate the utterly convincing attributes of Silver Oval 2.

Next, I cued up “Bumpin’ on Sunset” and “How Insensitive” by Wes Montgomery from his 1966 LP Tequila on Verve. My mint condition 1991 Japanese pressing sounded superb with my attention drawn to the long flowing lines played by Claus Ogerman’s sublime string section.  Another very familiar LP revealed rich rewards. Bobby Matos Heritage Ensemble self-titled 1988 debut on Enclave Records (ENCL 8801) is sadly no longer in print. Side one offers some of the finest performances of Latin Jazz on vinyl. I was astonished at the space and coherence of images coming off the spiral groove. Cymbals sounded so brilliant, airy, and dimensional like they were cleaned and polished just before the tape rolled. In fact, the one-inch aluminum dome of my KEF LS50 garnered ribbon-like levels of transparency and extension. Notwithstanding, bass also benefited from greatly enhanced depth and cohesiveness. Fifth cords sound keenly defined and grounded as if the musician’s left hand on the neck of the instrument was twice as big as his right hand plucking the taut strings.

“Nimrod” from Enigma Variations by Edward Elgar as performed by Sir John Barbirolli and the Philharmonic Orchestra is a glorious piece of music. My reissue of the 1962 recording in Hi-Q Records (HQLP039) sounded like I was seated perfectly in the middle of row G. I could easily discern layers of strings and follow the interplay among the different sections of the orchestra. Then the swelling climax filled the room with majestic harmony like breath from heaven.

Eric Alexander is a tenor saxophonist who has recorded many albums as a leader and sideman since reaching the podium at the 1991 Thelonious Monk International Jazz Saxophone Competition. His 2010 CD Don’t Follow the Crowd on High Note Records features a transcendent rendition of Henry Mancini’s “Charade”. The quartet formed a roomy arch of sound behind the plane of the speakers. Eric’s sax burnished with a reedy bite and warm brassy glow in equal measure. I absolutely love this tune and the Silver Oval 2 felt like a straight line from the output of the C7R to the pleasure points in my brain.

Finally, the song “Hello” by Adele has been much parodied but there is no denying the splendor of her once in a generation voice. The song’s message of reconciliation across time and distance is deeply moving and relevant to this listener, and judging from her sales and streams, millions of others too. Silver Oval 2 removes all the fine micro haze that comes between listener and this supreme recording.

In closing, the Analysis Plus Silver Oval 2 certainly rank among the finest cables I have heard in this context or any other in my experience. Their overall effect was that of a major source component upgrade like a new amp or DAC. In a real world system like mine, $1224 for silver speaker cables is a definite luxury. I would most likely advise anyone in a similar situation to upgrade to a better source, amp, or less ambitious cable form Analysis Plus with change left for music. However, if you already own a stable of thoroughbreds and have a nagging feeling that you could be closer to music, I urge you to check out Silver Oval 2. You may find yourself appreciating your music collection all over again just as I did. Why let NASA have all the fun?


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Pro Power Oval

Pro Power Oval
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PC World Vietnam reviews Analysis Plus Cables

Big Silver Oval – Solo Crystal Oval 8
In the procurement unit or a movie player, the wires usually only spend a very small budget. Because, buyers often do not know how things are lost or when not using good conductor and high!

Experience with hi-end showed us, the power cord, signal cables, speaker wires is always the main ingredient (not accessories), it should be suitable investments for equipment to fulfill capability only While there is good synergy conductor. Therefore, many industry experts gave a reasonable formula follows:

+ For Mid-end platforms under $ 5,000, one should invest 10% -15% cord from the unit value
+ For Hi-end unit from $ 5,000 – $ 15,000, one should invest in cord about 20% of unit value
+ For Super Hi-end unit value of over $ 20,000, the money usually invested in wire to over 30%.
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Big Silver Oval Speaker Cable
Big Silver Oval – Solo Crystal Oval 8, ETC
Analysis Plus Big Silver Oval Sneaker Cable
$1350/8′ pr. The Big Silver Oval is a wire that brims with resolution, honesty, and dynamic life. Constructed of pure silver over a stabilizing strand of OFC woven into AP’s patented hollow-oval geometry, it is cable you don’t listen to but listen through. Recorded music simply flows out of it in an earthy, authentic way. Harmonics align, and imaging and soundstaging conform without any serious sonic missteps. Plus the Big Silver Oval is real-world affordable. NG (215)
Analysis Plus Review

The Absolute Sound Golden Ear

Big Silver Oval Speaker Cable – Great Sound for a Reasonable Price

These cables should come with a warning. Something like, “The Analysis Plus Big Silver Oval is one of the most ruthlessly honest speaker wires available.” The BSO won’t editorialize, EQ, or otherwise skew the sound of your current system. This caveat emptor is provided as a courtesy to those audiophiles seeking the quick tweak or refreshment of the sonic palette of their existing rig. Ain’t gonna happen. Don’t even consider begging. What the BSO will do—and in impressive fashion—is let you hear more of what you already have, for better or for worse.

A little back story. Audiophiles know Analysis Plus by virtue of its audio and video cables. In fact, the thrust of this company’s work has been in the field of computer simulation. Like a high-tech trouble-shooter Analysis Plus has created advanced models of ICs, engineered prototypes for piezoelectric dental tooth cleaners for a Taiwanese firm (dentistry, who knew?), designed shielding for MRI rooms, and modeled and designed electromagnetic shielding for antilock brake sensors for Ford. It also turns out that AP’s Big Silver Oval cable is something of a celebrity. NASA purchased sixty feet of the wire for a specific task where the requirement for rise time could not be fudged—in this instance successfully carrying 120A current pulses at 80V. Not too shabby a credit to have under your belt. Now, back to audio.

The Big Silver Oval is a nine gauge cable in a coaxial configuration that features pure silver conductors over a stabilizing strand of oxygen free copper (OFC). This structure is then woven around a structural dielectric which preserves the hollow-oval conductor geometry. Don’t be distracted by the Old School, unadorned look of the Big Silver O—it vouches for the fact that AP spends more quality time in the R&D lab tracking performance than chatting up interior designers. Its research has found that the hollow-oval configuration engages the conductor more uniformly and efficiently—a fact borne out by its very low resistance value even at the upper-frequency extremes where increased resistance and sluggish rise-time can roll-off the top end.

Some very expensive cabling was pulled from my system in order to clear a path for the Analysis Plus, but from the very outset of my listening sessions I encountered nothing less than a natural, balanced musical flow that was virtually undisturbed by treble edginess, harmonic deficits, or transient smearing. Its overall sonic character was a relaxed one, exceedingly neutral with a hint of warmth and just a very slight transient softening in the treble. In this way the BSO is more akin to Synergistic Research Tesla Apex than Wireworld Platinum, both veteran references of mine. For example, in the opening bars of The Wasps Overture by Vaughan Williams played by the LSO under Previn [RCA] it captured the earthy tonality of the ominous doublebass notes, as the string sections morph into a hive of wasps in an intense swirl of changing amplitudes. Time and again the BSO’s very rich and cohesive midrange and well-defined bass octaves proved to be one of its foremost strengths..

Turning to one of my “big gun” direct-to-disc recordings, Copland’s “Fanfare for the Common Man” [Crystal Clear], the Atlanta Brass Ensemble was reproduced with lively transient action and dynamic thrust. The smooth top end offered good air and finely grained surfaces for the winds and cymbal crashes. Bass drum impacts were fearsome in their intensity while the array of kettledrums across the back of the stage had rock-solid specificity. This is a recording where most of us will run out of loudspeaker before running out of wire capability.

This is why the appearance of the Wilson Audio Sophia 3 proved so fortuitous. Generally, after I’ve put in my time evaluating a component I put it aside a while. When I return to that product it’s like I’ve mentally rebooted and I find myself touching on areas that I might not have fully considered initially. Though I figured I’d gleaned the essence of the Big Silver Oval, the Sophia 3 presented a great opportunity to recheck my findings and further explore the issue of transparency and big-bore dynamics. The full-range nature of the Sophia was like manna from heaven for the Big Silver Oval wires. During Carmen the individual sections of the chorus (men, women and children) were efficiently resolved, each occupying specific positions on stage. The timbral energy and harmonics are unique to each—a gravity that seemed to lighten or grow weightier depending on the chorus being featured. The imaging of each grouping was spectacular. What isn’t always heard in its entirety however is the near subliminal low-level acoustic curtain behind these images. It’s the sense of the stage, and the hall’s back wall that supports the music. Its effect is almost completely atmospheric and yet is essential to creating the reality of a live recording. But it requires resolution at all levels to reveal the full extent of space and ambience in this recording. If the BSO didn’t take me all the way there, like I perceive the reference Wireworld Platinum does, they got exceedingly close.

With no serious sonic missteps the BSO’s subtractions are only of the most modest order. During Stravinsky’s Pulcinella, for example, the bell of a trumpet doesn’t quite open up fully in the dynamic sense, which suggests a hint of top-end constriction. At the other extreme a bowed bass viol misses the final bloom of resonance that should appear to rise up from beneath the floorboards like a rising tide. And were the strings of the harp as individuated as possible? Not quite—they were just a little vague on low-level pianissimos. So, yes, some flagship wires will buy you even more ambient expression, dynamic explosiveness, and harmonic complexity. But all other system factors have to have their ducks in a row first. Something to keep in mind when you wade into those heady waters.

The Analysis Plus Big Silver Oval is the kind of wire that touches all the areas that matter to me. Sure, I’ve heard cables that will better the Big Silver Oval by tiny margins here and there, but I’ve never heard a better cable near this price segment. It handily exceeded my expectations. And in my book, that’s the biggest plus of all.


Analysis Plus Review

Analysis Plus review in PC World Vietnam

Analysis Plus Review

Các sản phẩm dây tín hiệu và dây loa của Analysis Plus được giới thiệu trong kỳ này giúp cho bộ dàn thể hiện âm nhạc mạnh mẽ hơn, trong sáng, sạch và mềm mại hơn…


Analysis Plus là một tập đoàn kỹ thuật cao thành lập năm 1993 tại Hoa Kỳ, quy tụ các nhà vật lý, kỹ sư điện tử chuyên cung ứng công nghệ tiên tiến cho các cơ quan uy tín như cơ quan không gian NASA… Khi khảo sát các loại dây dẫn âm thanh hiện nay, Analysis Plus nhận ra tiêu chuẩn thiết kế của các hãng đương thời không đồng nhất mà còn mâu thuẫn nhau, không một nhà sản xuất dây nào cung cấp được những chứng cứ khoa học cụ thể, mà gần như 100% các hãng làm dây đều không dựa trên cơ sở khoa học, đo lường chính xác, mà thay vào đó là những quảng cáo quá lời.

Qua nhiều thời gian nghiên cứu trên máy tính và thực nghiệm, các kỹ sư Analysis Plus kết luận là thiết kế kiểu dây tròn thông dụng không đủ tiêu chuẩn để đáp ứng sự dẫn truyền, phân tách và tái tạo âm nhạc chính xác. Và Analysis Plus đã tìm ra thiết kế lý tưởng nhất cho việc dẫn truyền tín hiệu là cấu hình dây chữ nhật và đan dây dẫn theo hình trái xoan rỗng “Hollow Oval Design”. Sau đó Analysis Plus đã phải đầu tư hệ thống kéo dây – đan dây đắt gấp 5 lần loại bình thường để chế tạo dây AP mà khi cầm bộ dây loa nổi tiếng Oval-9 hay Big Oval Silver trên tay, người dùng nhận ra ngay sự quý giá của thiết kế này.

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Germany – February 2011

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Analysis Plus Review

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GOODSOUND! GREAT BUYSoundstage March 2010

Black Oval 12 Speaker Cables

Copper Oval-In Interconnects

“…Analysis Plus knows what they’re doing. For proof, look no further than the design “white papers” AP has posted on its website. They don’t just claim their technologies are good, they prove it with measurements. ”

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Oval 9 Speaker Cable and Micro Oval-In Interconnects

“What I can tell you is that the Black Oval 9 speaker cable sounds much better than the original Oval 9, and that the new Micro Copper Oval-In comes close to the performance of the revered Solo Crystal Oval interconnect. Not only are these new products from Analysis Plus wonderful cables, they also represent excellent value.” – Roger Kanno Soundstage Network

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“Product of the Year” award to Big Silver Speaker Cable

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Silver Oval

Analysis Plus ReviewAnalysis Plus Review

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Analysis Plus Review

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Golden Oval Interconnect

Analysis Plus Review
Analysis Plus Review
Analysis Plus Review
Analysis Plus Review
Analysis Plus Review
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HiFi Review- China

Silver Oval

Analysis Plus Review
Analysis Plus Review
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Analysis Plus ReviewStereo Times – Big Silver Speaker CableIf you are already a fan (like me) of Analysis Plus speaker cables, particularly their venerable and affordable Oval Nine series, then you may wish to find a new home for those Oval Nines, save money in your audio stash account and audition a pair of the new Big Silver Ovals in your system.

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Stereo Times

Nelson Brill – January 2006

Analysis Plus Review


CES – 2006

Analysis Plus, Ambience

Australian Tony Moore’s new Ambience Reference 1800 ribbon/cone hybrid speakers ($13,995 per pair) had an ease of presentation that made listening a true pleasure, even under the dreaded “show conditions.” They demonstrated excellent imaging from anywhere in the room, along with a wonderful tonal balance. They were connected to Bel Canto electronics — Pre2 preamplifier, a pair of S300 stereo amps in a biamp arrangement, and PL-2 multi-format player. Analysis Plus cables finished off the system. They used Analysis Plus Silver Oval-In interconnects ($693/meter pair), and Golden Oval speaker cable ($5214/six-foot pair) on the treble and Big Silver Oval speaker cable ($835/six-foot pair) on the bass. The electronics sat on Stillpoint stands.

Visit Ambience USA today

What HiFi – Russia

January 2006

Analysis Plus Review

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December 2005″… Analysis Plus cables connected all the components through Ambience Reference 1600 Loudspeakers. The sound was dramatic, open, airy and extremely natural. I would have loved to hear this system in a larger room, however even in a standard bedroom the sound was really outstanding.”Analysis Plus Review

Stereophile – December 2005

…When it came time to select wire goods, I sought the counsel of Vince Galbo, former US importer of Plinius. Vince’s immediate suggestion was that I try Analysis Plus’s Oval 9 speaker cables ($439/8′ pair) and their corresponding Copper Oval interconnects ($219/0.5m, $296/m…He strongly believes them to be the price-performance leaders. Vince’s own listening biases run to high-powered solid-state amplifiers and moderately efficient speakers with long-throw voice coils; Harbeth’s Super HL5 is a particular favorite of his. So that Vince likes a speaker cable with “a lot of metal in it” comes as no great shock.

The particular Analysis Plus products I received here have, over the past few years, fared well amont the critics, including Michael Fremer (January 2001, Vol.24 No.1). Compared to the inexpensive cables I’d been using, the Analysis Plus wire goods had a cleaner, crisper sound, with more treble extension – a positive synergy with both the MD-208 and the S8es.

The bottom line: Yes, you can spend a lot more money. But a lot of musicl lovers never will, and it is more important for the survival of high-end audio that we make the tent bigger rather than more exclusive (read: snobby). Please do all you can to get the word out: Good audio equipment is not just for audiophiles anymore!

Paeans of praise:

HiFi Review – Hong Kong

Analysis Plus Review

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Hi-Fi Cafe

(translated from Hi-Fi Cafe, Serbia and Montenegro)

Analysis Plus Review“Is it possible to re-discover and enjoy in music from your favourite records and CDs that you’ve heard so many times before, and thought that you know them very well ? … Playing various music titles (no matter if it was audiophile or regular editions) through Analysis Plus Crystal Oval cable combo, sound was full-bodied, there’s lots of space and air in the sound and almost none at all between the individual components. Hence I’m really looking forward to time I will spend listening to my old favourites as well as the new ones that will come.”

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6 Moons

Ignorance in audio is exceeded only by our collective willingness to embrace and foster it. If someone ever came out with a book of audio aphorisms, this would have to make the opening chapter.

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Srajan Ebaen – August ’05

Analysis Plus Review“Value & Sanity”
Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Interconnect & Oval 8 Speaker Cable
Today’s feature is inspired directly by Marc Mickelson’s excellent SoundStage! Editorial for October. In it, the veteran reviewer and editor muses over reviewer systems as tool boxes and what he’d listen to were he not a professional reviewer. He goes on to recommend a system assembled from components he’s heard and which, while not inexpensive, are deliberately selected for price, ergonomics and performance that regular music lovers and not merely completely committed audiophools would embrace and enjoy.

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Srajan Ebaen

Audio-Video South Africa

Analysis Plus Toslink Optical Digital Cable – Oct 2004

Analysis Plus Review“One of the Best”

By comparison, the purple jacketed optical cable under scrutiny here looks pretty normal except for some exquisitely engineered, all metal terminals.

Sounds impressive – and that’s true in practice too.

Analysis Plus ReviewToslink has never been my digital signal transfer standard of choice, but used in both my AV and stereo systems, the Analysis Plus unit appeared to deliver greater accuracy, improved fine detail and better soundstage integration.

We’re not talking huge improvements here, but for the first time, a Toslink cable seemed to sound at least as good as some of the dedicated digital coaxial cables I use.

Add the tangible superior construction, and the Analysis Plus optical cable has to be considered a top choice for those bent on employing the Toslink digital interface in their systems.

Verdict – Superior construction makes this one of the best Toslink interlinks yet.
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Deon Schoeman
Audio-Video South Africa

Stereo Times

“Sonic Synergy” Follow-up Review
Analysis Plus Golden Oval Speaker Cables and Interconnects
As good as my reference cables are in their own right, overall I preferred the natural sound of the Golden Ovals.
It was immediately obvious that these cables were of reference caliber; something special.
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Key Kim
Stereo Times

Stereo Times

“A New Reference” 2004

Analysis Plus Golden Oval Speaker Cables and Interconnects
As compared to everything else I’ve auditioned, I ultimately preferred the more natural performance of the Analysis Plus Golden Oval overall.

Some Things You Simply Cannot Explain.
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“Extremely Impressive” – April 2003

Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval 8 Speaker Cables and Solo Crystal Interconnects
For transient clarity, linearity, low frequency extension, and overall cleanness, the Analysis Plus was extremely impressive.

It was neat and tidy, left no loose ends, and was free from glare, grain, or other annoying artifacts. The fast attacks of vocal sibilants and cymbals were handled with impressive clarity and ease.

The bass was very tight, extended, well controlled, and correctly sized.

If you’re running solid state gear that tends towards the bright and edgy, if the music suffers from a bit of added hash and glare, and/or your speakers have some HF peaks, and/or your bass is a bit soft and amorphous, I’d bet that the Analysis Plus Solo Crystal speakers would work wonders in cleaning things up and restoring focus and control.
Michael Fremer

Reviewer’s Choice – SoundStage Network

“Fabulous Cables”
Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval Interconnects and Oval 8 Speaker Cables
Analysis Plus Review
The Solo Crystal Oval cables add another interesting twist — oxygen-free copper wire that’s slowly drawn and annealed so that its grain boundaries are non-existent in normal audio lengths.

Analysis Plus calls this Continuous Cast Copper; similar wire is used by Harmonic Technology and Acoustic Zen, albeit without the hollow oval geometry.

If you are looking for cables that offer a bracing, high-resolution view of your equipment and music, you’ve found them in the Solo Crystal Oval cables.

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6 Moons

Analysis Plus Oval 8 & Solo Crystal – Sept. 2002
Good Breeding

Their designs are also backed by the kind of real-world documentable engineering which –I’ve tested this — receives unanimous praise from electronics engineers outside the cable arena proper.

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6 Moons

“Champs in bass reach, womp & articulation” – June ’03
Analysis Plus Oval Ten Power Cord
I played Joanne Shenandoah’s Eagle Cries [Red Feather Music 70052, 2001], her over-enunciation of the letter “s” was still present. However, these sibilants were better controlled. Compared with stock Beldens, the Oval 10s slightly softened the highs to keep the music from sounding too edgy. I say slightly because I could still hear how the strings on the guitar were fashioned from steel. The beautiful tone of Joanne’s voice was as embracing as ever. Still, the bass grew fuller, became more articulate and defined.

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Bass Oval review from – click below

Analysis Plus Review

DARK CHOCOLATE instrument cable review – The Sound Guitar Magazine (volume 9)

The old saying, “You get what you pay for,” is often the truth and especially so with

musical equipment. Whether you are a professional or novice, the quality of your sound is as much of your identity as your licks. Inconsistency in my sound and tone are huge factors to having a bad gig or a hard time in the studio. That’s why I have decided that regardless of the price, I will find and use the best products available in the market.

The first place I started with my new resolution was my cable. To challenge their company slogan, “Make me prove it,” I was going to put Analysis Plus to the test.

Everything about Analysis Plus screams quality from the clean packaging to the sturdiness and feel of the cable. The cable I tested was the new DARK CHOCOLATE Instrument Cable, which features 20-gauge conductors, a conductive sheath to eliminate microphonics, and an oval center conductor with a hollow oval return. That all sounds very impressive, but the true test was plugging in and hearing the difference. When I used a nylon-string Godin guitar, the cable added a new dynamic range and touch that was not previously there. Not wanting to psychologically convince myself of what I was hearing, I recorded the single on Pro Tools with the Analysis Plus cable and then with my old cable. The difference was obvious. I then proceeded to wire my entire pedal board, which includes a Radial PZ pre 2 channel acoustic preamp made by Tonebone, Electro Harmonix Black Finger, and a TC Electronics Nova Delay with Analysis Plus patch cables. I played for a while and found that the new cables allowed my effect units to work to their full potential, which in turn allowed my playing to flow with ease. I can’t imagine using any other cable at this point.

This award-winning cable company has won the Bass Players editors’ award, Guitar Players editors’ pick and Keyboard Magazine’s editors’ pick. Some of the top players from the music industry, including John Mayer, Johnny Hiland Band, Marty Friedman, Keith Urban’s Band and Jake Shimabukuro, all sing the praise of the Analysis Plus cable. Musicians are not the only ones falling in love with Analysis Plus; the cable company has been winning praise from Hi Fi Review, Stereo Times, Soundstage, Stereophile, Hi Fi Cafe and The Absolute Sound Golden Ear award in 2011. With all its cables, connectors, packaging and paper printed in the USA, Analysis Plus stands proudly behind its products.

Analysis Plus Review

Watch KEYBOARD MAGAZINE’S technical editor, Stephen Fortner interview with Mark Markel (president of Analysis Plus) at NAMM Summer 2008 & learn more about Analysis Plus cable and why our design keeps you sounding your best !!

More of KEYBOARD MAGAZINE’S interview with Mark at NAMM Summer 2008

Premier Guitar interviews Steve Carr & Mark Markel at NAMM Summer 2008

Acoustic Rock

Analysis Plus Review

“Analysis Plus Yellow Oval have become my go-to cables”. Keyboard Magazine, Editor Stephen Fortner , June 2009

Analysis Plus Review

Power Cable review from Audio Media September 2008

Analysis Plus Review

Bass Oval & Yellow Oval Review from Bass Player October 2008 (Bass Player Editors Award)

Analysis Plus Review

Yellow Flex Oval Pro cable & iPod cable Review from POSITIVE FEEDBACK ONLINE

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AV Pro Magazine – Greece

March 2005

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Analysis Plus ReviewAnalysis Plus Review

“At Work in the Studio”

Analysis Plus Power Oval Ten Cable – June 2004
Analysis Plus Review

Recently I was asked to visit a studio as an observer-friend.

I was the guest of a musician whose group was being recorded. Since I’d recorded him and his group previously, in “live” circumstances, he wanted my opinion about the studio set up and its approach to recording his gang. I was glad to join the fun since I seldom get a “down” day to do nothing but be a sonic tourist. The occasion was like a vacation for me.

After several takes of the first song, the engineer on the console asked me what I was hearing on playback. The sound was good. Very good. I told him so. I was surprised, thus, when he asked me if I thought there was anything he could do to improve the sound he was getting. At first I was a bit stumped because, in truth, I did not know his large console at all. I’d never “flown” his particular board. And, just as important, I not at all interested in messing up another guy’s kitchen. So I demurred.

But he pressed on a bit.

When I assured him that I really had no clue what specific, concrete step he might take to improve the sound, he asserted (nicely) that he’d been told by our mutual colleague that I had a certain slant on recording and so he, in turn, wanted to pick my brain a little if only to rethink some of his own habits.

Fair enough, I thought.

There was a break in the recording work soon after. We continued our banter, back and forth, when I realized I had an Analysis Plus power cord in the trunk of my car. It remained there after a recent “location” recording I’d done. So I suggested we swap power cords — plug his console, which had a removable power cord of no particular distinction (in fact, a generic cord), to the wall outlet with the Analysis Plus “Power Oval Ten” cable. We did that.

When the session got started again, both of us heard immediately, graphically, how much more stunning the sound was from his studio monitors. The only change was the power cord swap. A generic cord, the kind you find everywhere, was replaced by a lovely, purplish-hued Analysis Plus power cable. Voila! Instant gratification. Immediate higher resolution. The console sang with greater clarity and dynamic fullness.

I was impressed that day by my young colleague, not because he heard what I heard but because of his overall savvy – and the look in his eye that suggested he’ll find a way to get his own studio or his own unfettered gig someday. That’s what it’s all about once you recognize that, like music, recording is in fact an art to be explored wherever it leads.

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Jim Merod
On Sound and Music

“Cable Test”

March 2004
Analysis Plus Review
Analysis Plus Yellow Oval Mic Cable Done by Davis Keefer, Jazz Stream Records

The purpose of this test was to find out if I could hear the difference between an average $20.00 mic cable and the Analysis Plus $100.00 (Yellow) mic cable.

Analysis Plus was kind enough to send me three twenty foot mic cables, two ten foot guitar cables and three three foot guitar cables, (all yellow).

I was hired to do a live recording of a jazz trio called 16 Strings (two guitars and bass) and they consented to helping me do the test.

The recording was made using a Mackie MDR 24/96 w / analog interface cards set at 24/96, True Precision 8 mic pre’s, Countryman DI’s on each instrument, and a KM 105 on the nylon string guitar. we first recorded the band using the Analysis Plus mic cables on the two DI’s for the guitars and on the KM 105. we also used the Analysis Plus Guitar cables from instrument to DI and from DI to Guitar amps. no special cables were used on the bass.

The first item of note is that both of our guitar players immediately noticed an improvement in the sound of their instruments through their respective amps.

We then recorded the same song using conventional mic cables (quad cables from a pro audio store) and also ask our players to switch back to their own guitar cables. All settings on the instruments, mic pre’s and recorder stayed the same. At the end of the two day session it was difficult to get the players to give up the Analysis Plus cables they were using.

In the studio we mixed the “With Analysis Plus” version first. then again without making any changes on the board did the same mix of the “Without Analysis Plus” version. The mixes were recorded on an Alisis Master Link at 24/96 and the CDs were burned on the same unit. You will find both a CD24 and a Red Book version of this test.

For an audio clip of the “With Analysis Plus Cables” version, click here.
For an audio clip of the “Without Analysis Plus Cables” version, click here.

David Keefer
Jazz Stream Records

Guitar Player Magazine

Analysis Plus Pro Oval Studio Cable – Feb 2004
Analysis Plus Review“Warm, Full Bodied, & Liquid Smooth”
Compared with several other high end cables, the Analysis Plus Pro Oval Studio cable distinguished itself with an exceptionally deep, full and strong low end, juicy midrange, and an uncommon rich, coherent smoothness that combined to make the other cables sound dry, strained, and harsh.

This is truly an exceptional cable worthy of “Reference Quality” status, and it receives an EDITORs’ PICK AWARD.

Terry Buddingh
Guitar Player Magazine

Vintage Guitar magazine

Vintage Guitar magazine
“Stellar Achievement” – Analysis Plus Pro Oval Guitar Cable
The renowned engineering firm Analysis Plus, Inc. designs and manufactures products to exacting specifications, with performance and quality as their top priorities. We tested the pre-production prototype of their new Pro Oval instrument cable, a stellar achievement for fans of transparency.

Utilizing a patented oval design, Teflon structural and outer dielectrics, Litz stranding, Ohno cast copper and carefully chosen shielding materials, they’ve created the most revealing cable we’ve heard to date. The detail/air this cable passes is akin to an electrostatic speaker panel. The feel is quite nice for a cable of this transparency level and dynamics are amazing… it responds to every nuance of attack. Dimension is of the highest order, as your amp will now sound like it has far more depth than with most other cables. And accuracy is also increased, with wider note separation and less washout.

While jazz artists and some country and clean blues players will rejoice at its piano-like clarity, the amount of high end it’s capable of transmitting makes it inappropriate for use with overdrive or distortion. The cable is stiffer than most, but easy enough to work with for the applications listed. Although ours came with quality plugs, we’re told the production cables will achieve even more higher resolution through custom designed terminations.

Copyright 2003 Eric Kirkland and Vintage Guitar magazine.
Unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.
Eric Kirkland Vintage Guitar

Enjoy The Music

“Sonically Magnificent” – April 2003
Enjoy the

Analysis Plus Pro Oval Microphone Cables

Analysis Plus Pro Oval microphone cables are sonically magnificent. I salute Mark Markel’s engineering design for product quality at an extremely high level of excellence: sonic results that are most accurately designated by the single word “musical.”

Jim Merod
Enjoy The Music

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Good Sound !

March 2002
Analysis Plus Review
The Analysis Plus Oval One interconnects and Clear Oval speaker cables break the sub-$100 price barrier.

  • $83 for a six-foot run of speaker cable
  • $89 for a one-meter interconnect.

I heard an incremental increase in low-level detail from recordings. Everything sounded just a little bit clearer and more refined. The top-to-bottom balance of the sound was also better. The system imaged better. The Analysis Plus interconnects provided a more “fleshed-out” sound that was powerful and visceral, yet easy to listen to. With both speaker cables and interconnects in place, the system had a more substantial, fuller sound that was smoother to the ears. The Analysis Plus cables provided a sound that was powerful, yet always remained coherent and refined.

I enjoyed the increased weight and power of the music, along with the system’s improved transparency. The cables are also well-built, attractively designed, and, perhaps most importantly, priced reasonably enough that the cost of this upgrade is easy to justify.

Good Sound!
For the complete review in PDF format, click here.

Stereo Times

January 2002
Beware of the bass the Analysis Plus has the potential to allow your components to reproduce. What may sound like a sloppy sounding bottom end just might be a room interaction that you’ve never noted before. Since it is all a matter of synergy, I can certainly say that in my system, the Analysis Plus Power Oval gave me remarkable improvements in musicality and in creating the illusion that I was in the musical venue and that the musicians were there in the room with me.

I’ve shot for neutrality and naturalness (naturalness being the better word,) and I think that the Power Oval brings me considerably closer to my goal. As a matter of fact, I must admit with the Analysis Plus in and the TDS Passive Audiophile out, I can say this is the longest time I’ve enjoyed my system without the desire to upgrade. It’s obvious to me that I’m hearing the music and not the system. This is a thoroughly enjoyable product and is now my reference power cord for the P300 feeding my front end and the Ultimate Outlet feeding my amp. I thoroughly recommend them for anyone that loves music for music’s sake and not just as an audiophile hobby.

Alvester Garnett
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December 2001
I’ve been using a pair of Analysis Plus Silver Oval speaker cables ($599 per eight-foot pair) for many of my loudspeaker reviews — in probably more than a dozen system configurations.

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Doug Blackburn

Stereo Times

September 2001
“There’s certainly something quite magical about listening to the Power Oval design…”
“What was more amazing was when I swapped out all the different A/C power cords and went with an all Analysis Plus system. The entire stage relaxed and instantly become more intricate in its retrieval of inner detail and delicacy during heavy passages. There was no longer the feeling that the instruments wanted to jump out at you and give you a big kiss on loud passages…”

“At $299 per five-foot run, I don’t think you can go wrong with the Power Oval design.” “Swapping amplifiers and loudspeakers may make for a bigger improvement, but will also make a bigger dent in your wallet.” “Before going out and purchasing this highly touted amp or that excellent loudspeaker, you owe it to yourself to hear what your system might sound like first with a mere change in cabling. The best way to achieve that is by checking out the latest Power Oval designs from Analysis Plus Inc. You just may thank me!”

Clement Perry
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September 2001
“Analysis Plus Oval 12… must qualify as a best buy at $145 for a 6-foot-pair.”

“Top to bottom, the best cable in this group.”

Kevin Hunt
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January 2001
“The good news is that Analysis Plus Oval 9 copper cable is excellent – it outperformed my (very expensive but no longer available) Yamamura 6000….”

Michael Fremer

Positive Feedback/Enjoy the Music

Fall 2000
“The best cable I have yet auditioned in my system.”

Stuart McCreary
Positive Feedback

Ultimate Audio

Spring 2001
“The Analysis Plus Silver Oval Interconnects offers… :

  • Excellent bass
  • Superb high frequency extension
  • Midrange is to die for with an incredible sense of palpability and realism
  • An unbeatable combination to me

To say the Analysis Plus cables provided a revelation in my system is an understatement. Details lost in the depths of the recording were revealed. …inserting the Analysis Plus cables into the system lifted another veil between the listener and the musical event.”

Rufus Smith
For the complete review in PDF format, click here.

The Absolute Sound

Issue 132 (Quoted with permission.)
“…I am fond of the Analysis Plus speaker & interconnect wires: They are the best I have tried in my system, and their prices are right (especially when it comes to speaker cables). They are open-sounding, liquid and harmonically correct; they also dig out previously unrevealed spatial cues, offer super bass extension, and deliver a sense of tonal correctness profound enough that my bride – upon returning home one afternoon and reading the mail in the adjacent room – asked me if I had bought new speakers!

Stephan Harrell


June 2000
“The Oval 9 speaker cable is a reviewer’s choice product if there was ever was one.”

Ian White
Sound Stage

Stereo Times

May 2000
“The differences wrought in my system by the addition of the Analysis Plus Silver Oval speaker cables and interconnects are positive, dramatic and immediately apparent — quite an achievement when you stop to consider that I already use a reference-caliber product …”

“The AP produced, to my amazement, greater inner detail as a direct result of its more natural, thus superior, dimensionality. The sound of Hargrove’s muted trumpet — rather its intricacies — the sound of air moving through the horn gave it greater presence and spatial localization. The same is true of Keith Jarrett. Here, with Jack DeJohnette’s delicate cymbal work, the initial snap and resonance from Gary Peacock’s double bass, could not better illustrate these cables’ superiority. I can’t recommend the Analysis Plus Silver Oval more highly.”

“The Analysis Plus Silver Ovals makes my system sound more real. These cables have taken my system closer to the Absolute Sound.”

Clement Perry
For the complete review in PDF format, click here.

Stereo Times

May 2000
“The Oval Nine speaker cable is so good and so inexpensive that it really deserves, and gets, a solo review. The big-buck cable boys are going to have a COW over this one.”

“Oh, heck, you get the picture — we seldom get true balance and superb performance in each major category: bass, midrange, treble dynamics & sound staging. This cable is very good to superb in each of these categories and as is so often the case in audio, the whole exceeds the sum of the parts.

Taken as a totality, this is the best cable I have yet auditioned in my system.”

Stuart McCreary

Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity

March 2000
“Price: Very affordable”

“Real World index: Definitely high”

“Real World Performance” Level: Stellar”

“What the Oval – 12s did to distinguish themselves, however, was to allow my gear to demonstrate the important aspects of music reproduction in a way that speaker cables before them did not. Listening to the Oval – 12s, I realized that my system always had the potential to make more realistic, involving, and emotionally powerful music, but other speaker cables were holding it back, so it seems”

“The Analysis Plus Oval – 12s is one of the surest and simplest recommendations I can make. If you are interested in value, without compromising any aspect of performance, check these out. Oh, and be sure to hurry before the guys at Analysis Plus wise up and decide to price these cables for the ‘real world’. ”

Paul Knutson
Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity
For the complete review in PDF format, click here.

Art Audio

“The Analysis Plus Oval Nine speaker cable sounds more natural and less colored than any cable I’ve heard. It sounds like what I hear through my headphones when I do my final listening check.”

Joe Fratus
Art Audio

Bel Canto Design

“It doesn’t get any better than this! Your cables are THE true reference, capable of showing texture & inner definition, & expressing all the musicality while not imposing any character of their own. These are exactly the ideals all companies should hold their products to.”

Chad Baures

Bel Canto Design


“When you voice loudspeakers, a cable’s contribution can adversely affect your judgment about the prototype’s actual performance. By virtue of their superior transparency, we have used the Analysis Plus Oval 9 speaker cables to finalize crossover work on two new designs. We will also use it for upcoming tradeshows. As a manufacturer, it allows us to hear what our speakers are doing without any cable induced colorations.”

Bernie Byers, President


December 1999
“Looking at the retail price table, I remain puzzled how they can sell these cables so affordably… rest assured that I wouldn’t bother introducing a new cable company in this space if I didn’t believe this product to merit serious consideration… they offer rock-solid engineering savvy, a firm grasp on the science behind the hoopla, and intimate access to high-tech gear the actual use of which might confound a lot of competitors…”

Srajan Ebaen

Von Schweikert Audio

“I tried the Analysis Plus speaker cables and was very impressed with the sound. I liked them so well I have chosen to use Analysis Plus wiring inside my new VR-5 and VR-7 speakers.”

Albert Von Schweikert

Von Schweikert Audio

Enjoy the

Best Sound in the show this year goes to the Bel Canto/Von Schweikert/Analysis Plus room.

In past years, I’ve loved Bel Canto for their outstanding line of elegant tubed electronics. This system was quite a departure for them. It featured the Bel Canto DAC1, the PrEVo solid state preamp, and the Evo 200.2 digital switching amp, still a rare bird in high-end audio. The DAC1 effectively upsamples from 16 bits/44.1 kHz to 24 bits/96 kHz. Cables were from Analysis Plus, Inc., who make a variety of unique hollow oval silver and copper speaker cables & interconnects, which bear further investigation. The speakers were the new Von Schweikert VR-7.

This system was the first in the show, and one of only a handful, to send chills down my spine.

The sound was gorgeous, stunning, and natural, with outstanding timbre and reproduction of female vocals. The choir was wide and deep, and bass reproduction was tight and solid. On the Harry Allen, I felt like I was hearing the real body and key structure of the sax to an extent I’ve never heard before. Piano and percussion were solid, and well defined in space.

All in all, an outstanding room, aided, no doubt, by its large (18′ x 31′) dimensions, and by the set-up services of Michael Broughton of The Audiophile’s Source. Congratulations to all.

Dave Glackin
Enjoy the Music

March 2000

The Audiophile Voice

“I’m a big believer in the subliminal effect of “pride of ownership,” and in this area, these Analysis Plus wires deliver big time.”
Bob Perry

The Audiophile Voice

Audio Pro Magazine

“Close to Perfect”
Pro Oval Studio Cable
Straight forward talk, a lot of guitarist and musicians do not pay enough attention on the cable for their system. We could at least throw a question onto ourselves, “How good is our cable for our system?”
Audio Pro Magazine – Editor’s Recommended
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Bayyin Nur
Vice Chief Editor
Audio Pro Magazine



The following review conclusions are taken from HIFI 4 ALL magazine (
Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval interconnect, 3.995,- / sæt

Er du på jagt efter et aldeles fremragende sæt liniekabler til en overkommelig pris, må du ikke snyde dig selv for at lægge ører til Solo Crystal Oval. Det siger sig selv, at den konsekvente brug af 4 sæt til hjemmebiffen vil være de færreste beskåret og vil måske også være skudt over målet med mindre din bio er af meget høj kvalitet og velintegreret til rummet. Er de andre parametre i orden, må du bare se at komme ud med aviserne og få dig et komplet sæt !!!
Analysis Plus Silver Oval interconnect, 1,5 meter til 8.050,- / sæt Kan fås i 1 meter til 6.300,-
Editors Choice: Analysis Plus Silver Oval
Analysis Plus Golden Oval interconnect, 1,5 meter til pris 28.585,- Kan fås i 1 meter til 19.995,-

Golden Oval er i sandhed et magisk kabel med så mange evner både i forhold til engagement, detaljering og gennemsigtighed, at du taber pusten. Er du indstillet på en massiv investering, men mangler du lige 13 K til Valhallakablet sætter du efter min mening intet til på ydelsen ved at vælge Golden Oval.

The Analysis Plus distributor in Denmark is Dynamax.

Audiophile Club of Athens

For the past two weeks I had the privilege to have in my system a fine and affordable newcomer the Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval interconnect. Analysis uses a unique construction procedure in order to achieve oxygen free copper, which theoretically has zero signal loss. The cable construction appears to be of top quality and it is coupled with a modern design. I placed this cable in various positions in my system with similar results. Most of the critical listening sessions were made when the cable was connecting the pre to the power amp. I also compared the Solo Crystal Oval with other similarly or higher priced interconnects with favorable results. The first feeling that I got from this cable is that it is more alive in the way it presents music. It is not forward or offending in any way, but it brings out a lifelike palpability with very good micro dynamics. Instruments and performers clearly pose their own space with the right amount of air around them.

The Solo Crystal Oval presents a very good soundstage in all dimensions, with exceptional transients and very good timing. This is a very vibrant cable it’s got rhythm. The tonal balance is linear in all the frequency response.

Whenever I listened to my system with the Solo Crystal Oval connected I found myself really involved with the music. Dynamics are very good so here we have an excellent performer for rock or jazz music. Electric guitars are excellent. Highs are smooth and well extended and mids are natural glowing with life and well defined. Low end is also very good. Only when compared with the most expensive interconnects in the market does one detect some vagueness in rhythm and definition of the low frequencies?

The Solo Crystal Oval is a very transparent, alive, dynamic and grain free performer. It is an excellent high-end cable that costs only a fraction of the price of other High End interconnects. At 500 Euro / pair, this is a great value for money choice.

Highly recommended..
Stelios Mitsionis

About the Oval 9 speaker cable Bass is rich and powerful

Oval 9 has this quality that cables several times more expensive do not have. Thanks to Dr. Sun for the English translation of the above excerpts from a recent issue of the Chinese magazine Review 33 (


About the Oval One interconnect
• A very musical and lively cable
• Mid frequencies are very correct
Higher frequencies is it’s quintessence of taste and details, without unpleasant sharpness & overstress. Thanks to Krzysztof Jozefowicz (Digital Audio System) for the English translation of the above excerpts from the September 2002 issue of the Polish magazine AUDIO


“I also found the Analysis Plus Copper Oval cables to be the best interconnect cables I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy, and most definitely worth their cost.” Nels Ferre