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Hi my name is Robert Baker I got my first guitar when i was 15 ,but i didn’t actually start playing until i was 16.Now days its crazy to look back at what has happened.I get to work with a lot of amazing companies,make youtube videos, and play guitar as much as i want.I feel extremely lucky to have been a full time musician for the past 4 years .

I remember what made me finally start playing guitar like it was yesterday . I was playing some music and my dad said ” boy let me play you some real music” . He took out a strange cd with a baby angle smoking on it turned it to track 6 and without knowing it completly changed my life. The CD was Van Halen 1984 and the song was Hot For Teacher . I didn’t know what i was hearing but all i knew was thats what i wanted to do to .

Lots of new big things are hapening that i can’t wait to show you all. And i hope to see a bunch of you out at NAMM 2015.
Remember never stop playing if we have a guitar in hand it can’t be all bad