After A/B ‘ing Analisys Plus Cable against 2 other well-known companies cable, there was no question my tone was fatter, tighter and had amazingly better top end. You could hear the “hair” on the top of the tone a lot more. That inspires me. Bottom line, You have a great amp, a great guitar, so why would you not put the best cable between them? With Analisys Plus I finally feel like my cable is as good any other guitar or amp that I own. There is no other instrument cable out there that will do that. period
– Ron Robinson

What do you get when you take the first two American Idol winning songwriters, a genius producer and a guitar hero, and put them in the same band? Something unexpected and multi-dimensional. Temporary Celebrity. Scott Krippayne, Regie Hamm, Kent Hooper and Ron Robinson have marshaled their collective writing, producing, singing and playing skills into a collective that is brash, pop-centric, rock-edged and introspective. The clash of styles and influences brews the perfect storm of hooks, melodies, lyrics and sonic surprises. Like a great novel that keeps you turning the pages and not knowing where the story is going next, Temporary Celebrity takes you on a musical journey that twists and turns through lead vocalists, subject matter and melodic acrobatics that keeps you guessing yet coming back for more. Scott Krippayne – soaring vocals and timeless melodic sensibilities. Regie Hamm – perplexed point of view and weathered soul. Kent Hooper – sonic Jedi and Zen composer. Ron Robinson – master six-stringsman and soulful songster. They make up Temporary Celebrity. The new 15 minutes for the new attention span. Enjoy