“YELLOW OVAL – This is one great cable.” -Ryan Cavanaugh

Discovered by guitar legend John McLaughlin in 2006, banjoist Ryan Cavanaugh has spent the last 4 years touring the international jazz scene with acclaimed saxophonist and Miles Davis alum, Bill Evans. In his early twenties, before performing and recording with Bill Evans, Sam Bush, Victor Wooten, Bela Fleck, Robben Ford, and many others, Cavanaugh was a champion of the Merlefest, Rockygrass, and Renofest banjo contests. In ’07 Ryan released his bluegrass cd “Songs For the New Frontier” and played on 8 tracks of Bill Evans’s record “The Other Side of Something” along with greats Bela Fleck, Sam Bush, Victor Wooten, and Dennis Chambers.

Ryan appreciates his endorsement with Analysis Plus. He took the cables you gave him around the world while touring in 2011 with Miles Davis alum sax player Bill Evans and loves them.

Back Country to the Future will include both electric and acoustic banjo with genres ranging from intense bluegrass picking to pure bebop jazz and he will use his Analysis Plus cables. It will feature modern jazz music icons Bill Evans (Miles Davis alumnus saxophone player), Mark Egan (bass), and Joel Rosenblatt (drums).