“I have the privilege of recording and producing some of Nashville’s best musicians, artists and songwriters. Like many producer/engineers, I’m on the endless quest for capturing great tones. The first time I compared the AP Brown Oval to my usual high-end instrument cable on electric bass and guitar, I immediately noticed an increase in volume and fullness in tone with the AP cable! Recording vocals and acoustic guitar thru AP’s Yellow Oval Mic cables yielded the same superior, full-bodied tone. It’s great to know that I’m now getting more out of my mics and instruments with AP. – Sal Oliveri Producer/Engineer


Sal was born and raised on music. His grandmother was an opera singer in Sicily, and his father’s golden voice made him a beloved Italian-American crooner in New York and New Jersey. Growing up in the shadows of Manhattan, Sal’s family noticed his gifts early. By the age of four he had already begun playing popular songs by ear on the piano. He studied classical and jazz piano, played in bands through high school, and majored in piano performance in college. Along the way he was privileged to play legendary venues like the Cotton Club in Harlem and, while serving as musical director for artist showcases, he got to witness new artists being noticed and signed. The fire for production was lit, and with it a particular passion for the careers of “indie” artists, even before such a term existed.

Through the 1990’s Sal toured as keyboardist and occasional music director for giants in the burgeoning Contemporary Christian Music scene (Point of Grace, 4HIM, Wayne Watson, Mylon LeFevre and many more). As a songwriter he’s composed number one singles and been nominated for Grammy and Dove awards. He has also honed his skills as a producer, and developed a very important philosophy.

Sal produces with equal acumen in pop, rock, country, and R&B, and has sterling credits to show for it. The ability to produce in such a wide variety of genres not only stems from Sal’s diverse musical background, but also because he cares as much about the artist as he cares about the art.