Two Story Road is a new country duo that is already gaining some serious attention in Nashville because honestly, they aren’t that new.

Jamelle and Brandon Fraley have been making music together as long as they’ve been married. While attending Belmont University, these two vocal majors quickly became each other’s biggest fans, but they also started making an impression on Nashville before they even graduated. Brandon’s early songwriting and producing caught the eye of Mike Doyle (VP of Major Bob Music) who helped him sign his first songwriting deal with Sony Music Publishing right out of college. It didn’t take long for Jamelle to be noticed either. Before graduating, her voice caught the ear of Grammy Award winning writer/producer Tommy Sims (Garth Brooks, Eric Clapton, Sheryl Crow) and she began working with him in the studio on his records.

In 2005, Brandon started traveling with country giant Gretchen Wilson. He dove into the high-paced tour schedule and got a taste of what it felt like to do over 120 shows a year and live on a tour bus. While out with Gretchen, he played arenas and stadiums with such artists as Kenny Chesney, Trace Adkins, and Kid Rock to name a few. In addition to playing piano for Gretchen, he also doubled as her main background vocalist and later sang on her 3rd album, “One Of The Boys.” In 2010, Brandon became the band leader for American Idol alum, Danny Gokey where he found himself on tours with artists such as Taylor Swift, Sugarland, and Tim McGraw.

Jamelle is certainly no stranger to country music either. In 2008 she landed her biggest tour yet, singing background vocals for county superstar Carrie Underwood. It’s no secret to anyone that Carrie is second to none when it comes to raw vocal power, and Jamelle has been right there with her belting away for the past 5 years. Touring with Carrie, she’s shared the stage with artists like Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum, and Hunter Hayes.

When you sit down and look at what these two have accomplished individually in country music, it’s pretty impressive. Their tours have put them on the same ticket with pretty much any country artist you can think of, and they’ve performed on almost every TV and award show out there. Between the two of them, they have well over 1000 shows under their belt and have already graced the stage of the Grand Ole Opry more than 100 times.

Over the years, Brandon and Jamelle’s talents have paved separate roads, usually parallel, but often winding, with detours and the occasional intersection. Two Story Road might be new to country music, but you couldn’t find two people more seasoned, and as you can imagine, they’ve built quite a few amazing relationships. Working in the studio along side of good friends Tommy Sims and veteran country producer Mark Bright (Carrie Underwood, Luke Bryan, Sara Evans), Two Story Road is ready to make a name for themselves and take their much deserved turn in the spotlight. For years now, they’ve been performing just a few feet from center stage, and now they are taking the lead.

The story began years ago and is still being written today, citing lots of hard work, a huge passion for music, so much time on the road, and too many months spent apart. There have been occasional twists and turns with many blessings along the way. Jamelle and Brandon have grown to realize that when they sing together it literally sounds like one voice, and they are better singing together than they ever were apart. Hence, Two Story Road is born. Two incredible stories, finally traveling down the same road.

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