“When I first tried Pro Oval Studio guitar cable with my Groove Tubes Soul-o guitar amplifier with Hiwatt 12 x 4 speaker cabinet, I cranked the amp up and the sound was fabulous from the low to the hi end, coming forward really good.

I usually like to connect my guitar to the amplifier direct. But as I sometimes need to put my pedal effectors between them, it is better to have two Studio cables, and so do I now.

About the 10m Clear Oval speaker cable with AP plugs, the sound is great! It is easy to handle and move it around. I was able to shut the sound proof door of my recording studio.

About my Pro Oval Studio mic cables, when I first used them, I was able to immediately tell that the hi frequency sound was more extended and became richer. These made sound effect such as reverb even better and I like that!” – Yogo Kohno