“I was first introduced to Analysis Plus Cabling a few years ago in the studio. A rep brought some cables by for the guitarist on the session (David Cleveland) to check out. I wasn’t paying a whole lot of attention and actually had my back turned when he first plugged it into his amp. The tone difference was amazingly undeniable, and immediately brought his instrument life! Prior to plugging AP Cabling in, he was actually using one of the other brands that musicians revere most.
I use Analysis Plus Cabling on stage and in the studio to give me that extra purity, clarity, and definition of the tone that is actually coming from my instruments or voice. Like me, you might have thought that your tone is as only as good as the weakest cabling or gear link in the chain. Wrong. Plug one in today to hear the tone you’ve been missing. I believe it’s one of the simplest, yet most vital pieces of musical equipment in my gear locker!”

Born and raised in the heart of Music City, I knew at the age of 10 that music would be my lifelong passion. At an early age i was first exposed to the recording studio while working on the first record for the “Sons of Tennessee” – which consisted of my father and older brother. I intensely watched Bruce Watkins, a veteran session musician at work. He played so many instruments, He would put one down and pick another up and play an overdub. It was through that recording project and watching the producer (Eddy Bell) and engineer (John Nicholson) at work that got me hooked.